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Membership Application Forms

1. Application Form for New Mutual Aid System

2. Application Form for Mutual Retirement Benefit System Plus

3. Health Declaration Form

4. Application Form for Guro Lingap Pamilya Program (GLPP)

5. Application Form for GLPP Beneficiaries

Sariling Sikap Loan Forms

1. Application Form for Sariling Sikap Loan (SSL)

2. Authority to Bill for Loan Application

3. Disclosure Statement on Loan Transaction for Loan Application

4. Acknowledgment of Loan Proceeds (For Borrowers Under NCR ONLY)

5. Educational Loan Form 2015

Death Claims

1. Death Claim List Requirement

2. Pro-forma Information Sheet for Deceased Member's Beneficiary

3. Sample Affidavit of Liability (MAS Claims Under Plans 0 and 1)

4. Sample Affidavit of Liability (MAS Claims Under Plan 2)

5. Sample Affidavit of Liability (Processing of Cancelled Claim)

6. Sample Affidavit of Guardianship

7. Sample Letter of waiver for MAS-Claim Beneficiaries residing abroad

8. Questionnaire for Death Claims Under Contestability Period

Application for Retirement Claims / Hospitalization Income Benefit

1. Application Form for Retirement Claim

2. Application Form for MRBS ERP

3. Application Form for Hospitalization income benefit under MRBS Plus

4. Application Form for Withdrawal/Termination of Membership under the Retirement Programs

5. Application Form for NMRBS ERP

6. Application Form for MAS65 (Endowment Benefit)

Withdrawal of Equity under old MAS for members of MAS65

1. Letter Application for Withdrawal of Equity under old MAS for members of MAS65

Equity Loan / Certificate Loan

1. Application Form for Equity Loan

MAS Termination of Membership / Withdrawal of Equity / MAS ERP

1. Application  Form for Cancellation/Termination of Membership under MAS/Application Form for Withdrawal of Equity

2. Application for MAS ERP


1. Pro-forma Updated Information Sheet(Updating of Member's Information)

2. Application Form for Reactivation of MAS Membership

3. Application Form for PPSTA ID

4. Application for Reinstatement of Membership MAS65 MRBS Plus

5. Validated Deposit Slip (non UCPB)

6. MAS to NMAS Conversion Form