What is the Mutual Aid System or MAS?

The MAS is a death benefit system. It started sometime in the 50's as an "abuluyan system", whereby every member donates 10 centavos to the  family of every co-member who died. To simplify matters, it was later agreed that regardless of the number of members who die, each member  contributes a fixed amount monthly and the members of the families of those who died are given a fixed amount. This transformed the MAS into a  type of insurance known as mutual benefit system.  How much is the benefit given by the MAS? The total amount of the MAS benefit of a deceased member which shall be awarded to his/her beneficiary/ies upon his/her demise depends  on the plan for which he/she was a member as well as his/her premium contributions. The schedule of MAS benefit is as follows:  


                   MAS PLAN               BENEFIT             

                           0                 P        7,000.00           

                           1                         14,000.00

                           2                         30,000.00                    

                           3                         50,000.00                     

                           4                         100,000.00                     

                           5                         150,000.00                     

                           65                       200,000.00       

The beneficiary/ies of a member of MAS Plan 2, 3, 4, 5 or MAS 65 who dies by accident before reaching the age of 70, for Plans 0-5 or 65 for  MAS 65 shall receive accidental death benefit in an amount equal to the member's MAS benefit.

Upon reaching age 65, a member of MAS 65 shall receive a P 50,000 endowment benefit. Accordingly, his/her death benefit shall be reduced to  P 150,000. A MAS 65 member who has been diagnosed to be terminally ill (life expectancy of 6 months) may obtain advance death benefit equivalent  to 50% of his/her MAS benefit.

Until when am I supposed to contribute for the MAS?

If you are a member of either MAS Plan 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, you have to contribute your premium dues until you reach age 75. On the other  hand, if you are a member of MAS 65, you have to continue paying your premium dues until age 65.  

What is the EQUITY APPLICATION Policy and how does it affect my MAS membership?

The equity application policy applies to old MAS (Plans 0-5). It allows the Management to automatically deduct from the equity value of a MAS  member who is below 70 years old, the amount of his loan balance and the remainder thereof, to his premium arrears in case he fails to pay the  same for at least 4 months. This extends the insurance coverage of a member until his equity value is fully exhausted. In the event of full exhaustion  of the MAS equity of a member, no refund or benefit shall be paid by PPSTA to the member or to his beneficiary/ies.

What happens if I fail to pay the required MAS contribution?

Your membership will lapse after a grace period of ninety (90) days. You will be allowed to reactivate your membership only if you are below  age 70, in good health and have paid your MAS arrears.   

What happens if my MAS membership lapses?  

If you are not covered by the equity application policy, you will be refunded only 50% of the premiums you have paid. If you die, your  beneficiaries will not be paid the death benefit. The 50% refund however, shall be given to your beneficiaries in case you have not obtained the same  during your lifetime.  

If you are covered by the above-mentioned policy, the MAS benefit shall be granted to your beneficiaries if your equity is enough to cover your arrears for the program. In the event that that your equity has been fully exhausted prior to your death, no MAS benefit shall be given to you or to  your beneficiaries.

Why do I have so many deductions for the PPSTA MAS code in my pay slip?

For reason of expediency, the Department of Education (DepEd) Payroll Services Unit deducts the premiums for the different MAS Plans  separately but if you add all of them, they will equal the premium for the MAS Plan of which you are a member.

What are the retirement benefit programs of PPSTA?


The retirement benefit programs of PPSTA are the following: 1. Mutual Retirement Benefit System (MRBS); 2. New Mutual Retirement  Benefit System (NMRBS); and 3. Mutual Retirement Benefit System Plus (MRBS Plus).  

What do I get from MRBS, NMRBS and MRBS Plus if I am a member of any of these plans?  

If you are a member of our retirement benefit programs, you will get the following:  MRBS - Retirement benefit equivalent to the equity value of your premium contribution;  NMRBS - Upon maturity (20 years of payment or age 65), you will be paid P 50,000. While you are paying, you are insured for P 50,000; and  MRBS Plus - Depending upon your choice of plan, the benefits are as follows:


What happens if I fail to continue paying my contribution to the retirement program in which I am a member?


Your membership shall be deemed to have lapsed. In which case PPSTA's obligation is to:  MRBS - Refund your premium contribution; NMRBS - Grant your retirement benefit equivalent to the equity value of your premium contribution; and MRBS Plus - Give you the equity value of your contribution.

What is the Sariling Sikap Loan Program?  

Under the Sariling Sikap, you can borrow from the PPSTA payable through salary deduction up to a maximum of 3 years.

How fast can I get a loan?

If you have complete requirements, you can get your loan within one (1) day.  

What is the schedule of the Sariling Sikap Loan Program in terms of netpay requirement, loanable amount, interest rate, etc.?

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Death Benefit

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Plan 50




Note: If death occurs after the retirement benefit has been granted PPSTA, shall no longer be liable to pay death benefit to the member’s beneficiary.

Plan 75




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