As the foremost teacher association and financial  security provider preferred by public school  teachers, PPSTA aims to actualize its motto  “Teacher you’re a hero, PPSTA cares for you” by:

  • Providing career and professional  advancement opportunities through  scholarship and other competency-building  program;
  • Providing optimum insurance, retirement,  loans, and other financial services benefits to  uplift members standard of living; and
  • Providing excellent customer service through  competent, well-motivated service personnel  and properly equipped and empowered  organization.


PPSTA shall always be the foremost teachers’ association   and financial security provider preferred by public school  teachers because it embodies their personal and  professional aspirations; helps them to realize those  aspirations; and champions the values that teachers impart  and stand for.

Core Values


The virtue that disposes  practical reason to discern our true  good in every circumstance and to choose the right means of  achieving it, because it is just, fair and proper.


The joyful willingness  to take initiatives in the service  of the organization and its customers.


The quality of  having a true servant’s heart, going the extra mile  and performing with consistent energy and quality at  all times.



The principle of  honesty, transparency and integrity in our  actions  born out of our moral vision of goodwill among men.  


The moral fortitude  of doing our tasks conscientiously and highest  excel and then the willingness to take    responsibility for the outcome of our work and our  actions.