Mutual Retirement Benefit System Plus (MRBS+)

Choose your MRBS+ plan today!

  • 20 years to pay until 65 years old
  • Premium Payment depends upon the age of the member and the chosen plan
  • There are 3 Retirement Plans: Plan 50, Plan 75, and Plan 100
  • After completing your payment, you will receive P50,000, P75,000, or 100,000 depending on your plan
  • MRBS+ also has Hospitalization Daily Income Benefit:
    – Receive daily allowance if member is confined in a hospital
    – Private or public, except maternity related cases
  • You can REIMBURSE P500/P750/P1000 per day
  • This is salary deduction
  • If you retire early or you are out of the service, you may pay your premium at the nearest self-office or deposit your payment to PPSTA bank accounts


  • 0917-6556827(Globe) / 0918-5448046 (Smart)
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How to apply?

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    Must be an active member before applying for MRBS+.
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    Visit our official PPSTA website at
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    Go to Downloads section; select Application form for Mutual Retirement Benefit System Plus.
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    Download and fill it up with your complete details.
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    Submit thru the nearest PPSTA sub-office near you.
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    Send your application via courier.
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    Wait for our email and confirmation.

Download resources

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Application Form for Mutual Retirement Benefit System Plus